Arizona Percussion Instructor Database


The Database is a network of percussion instructors in Arizona.  Although many members also teach private lessons in drumset or other areas of percussion, this site focuses specifically on those with expertise in marching percussion.  The Mission of The Database is twofold:
  1. To provide a network of communication within the marching percussion community.
  2. To assist school band directors in finding an expert in marching percussion.

It is completely FREE to join or search The Database.  All I ask is that you help me to keep it current.  If you see any info that is incorrect or needs an update, please contact me via e-mail. 

If you wish to appear on the Instructors page, please contact me at the link on the left.

All news and job openings are now posted ONLY in the forum. Click the forum button (on the left) and enjoy the opportunity to post your own news or comments about topics that are important to percussion instructors.  Please take a moment to register and provide some current info about yourself.  Not all features will be available until you register for the forum. 

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